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Jack Daniel's Coffee Jack Daniel's Coffee

Jack Daniel's Coffee 1.5 oz

Our Price: $7.49
Brazilian Dark Roast Coffee Brazilian Dark Roast Coffee

Brazil Bourbon Coffee Beans with varietal of mundo nuvo at 20 percent, this coffee is a fine choice for both espresso and auto-drip coffee makers. Grown at an elevation of 3,000 feet, our Blackened Roast offers floral hints along with almond, chocolate, strawberry and cinnamon spice. Even more, acidity is neutral and delicate. If you like this one you should definitely try the Mezzo Roast as well, especially for espresso.

Package: 10 oz.

Our Price: $8.86
Brazil Medium Coffee Beans Brazil Medium Coffee Beans

Popular for Espresso and Offering a Rich Crema, this American roast medium coffee is roasted with coffee beans that feature 80 percent yellow bourbon with the remaining variety mundo novo. This offers wonderful floral hints along with an aroma of vanilla & almond plus distinct flavors of sweet chocolate, cinnamon and even strawberry.

Package Size: 10 oz.

Our Price: $11.84
Brazilian Light Roast Coffee Brazilian Light Roast Coffee

A Well Balanced Lightly Roasted Coffee with a velvety finish, our Brazil Sunrise Roast is made with yellow bourbon and mundo novo varieties of coffee beans, all single origin from the Sul Minas region. A specialty coffee you won't find at the grocery store.

Package Size: 10 oz

Our Price: $11.99
Medium Roast Coffee Medium Roast Coffee

This Costa Rican Tarrazu Mezzo Roast Coffee offers a delightful aroma, and it's the most popular coffee. It's roasted beyond our light roast to create a smooth body of coffee with a minor hint of bold. The bean is softer and offers a hint more fragrance, that scent we all love in the morning. It's truly a one of a kind specialty coffee, roasted only with AAA beans from the Tarrazu coffee region of Costa Rica.

Our Price: $14.40
No. 42 Dark Roast Coffee No. 42 Dark Roast Coffee

This Dark Roast Coffee offers a wonderful scent, an aroma that is just fantastic, especially when you wake up to it! This coffee flavor is bold, a bit heavy, and some may consider it as having a strong taste, but it's smooth, silky and very satisfying. If you've had dark roast coffee before and didn't really care for it much, we encourage you to try ours. Roasted Chicago Style from beans imported from the Costa Rican coffee valley of Tarrazu it's not the same in any way. Many traditional 'medium roast' coffee lovers have made the switch. As always, there's nothing else like it. Be daring, be bold, go strong. Try it. This coffee comes from the Tarrazu coffee region of Costa Rica in Central America. Package: 10 oz.

Our Price: $14.40
Colombian Medium Roast Coffee Colombian Medium Roast Coffee

Many People enjoy a great coffee that keeps its flavor as it cools. If that is what you are looking for this is the coffee for you. This Medium Roast Colombian Coffee is superb, offering a generous flavor of vanilla and chocolate together with a fruity taste and a sweet aroma of flowers. This 100 percent Arabica coffee has a citrus acidity, more along the lines of lemon, and it is a very lively coffee with an aftertaste of sweet butter.

Package: 10 oz.

Our Price: $14.68
Colombian Dark Roast Coffee Colombian Dark Roast Coffee

A Blackened Roast Colombian Coffee with bold flavors and fruity taste. Flavor retaining, it tastes the same as it cools. This Arabica coffee has a citrus lemon acidity and also offers floral aroma plus mild tastes of sweet chocolate and vanilla. Features a sweet butter aftertaste. Package: 10.3 oz.

Our Price: $14.68
Colombian Light Roast Coffee Colombian Light Roast Coffee

Our Golden Sunrise Roast Colombian Coffee features flavor of vanilla and chocolate together with a fruity taste and a sweet floral aroma. This 100 percent Arabica coffee has a citrus lemon acidity. Like many premium Colombian coffees, like Supremo, you will enjoy the sweet buttery aftertaste. This coffee retains its flavor very well as it cools.

Package: 10 oz.

Our Price: $14.68
Jack Daniel's Coffee Jack Daniel's Coffee

Jack Daniel's Coffee 8.8 oz

Our Price: $27.99
Recherche Coffee Recherche Coffee

Recherché Coffee, utilizing a trade secret process of planting, storage, processing and roasting. The rarest coffee in the world, and the most expensive coffee due to its limited availability. Imagine coffee plants growing within fine wine vineyards, sharing soil and flavors in between. Availability is more scarce than other expensive coffees such as Kopi Luwak and Black Ivory. Flavor profiles exceed all other coffees with the strong hints of Merlot grapes, bringing out heavy flavors of blackberries, cherries and plums. Flavors are real, not artificial. Coffee is all natural.

A rare coffee
with superb taste that is hard to get. We don't have this very often. Superb taste while hot, at room temperature or slightly chilled. A fine compliment to any elegant dinner in place of wine, or with an early morning breakfast. Suitable for drinking in a common mug when hot or a wine glass when chilled. A most exquisite coffee that yields as little as 100 LBS per year making this fine cup extremely rare. Sourced from a small family farm with very little acreage, but more unique than any other. Not available in stores.

Package Size: 10.3 Oz.

Our Price: $319.00