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Brazil Medium Coffee Beans Brazil Medium Coffee Beans

Having Your Own Coffee Grinder is a great way to experience the freshness offered by coffee beans that were just ground and prepared for brewing. These beans imported from Brazil are carefully roasted at our facility and well known by espresso lovers since they offer a very rich crema, second only to our premium Tarrazu coffees.

Our Price: $9.81
Brazil Dark Coffee Beans Brazil Dark Coffee Beans

Brazil Farmed Coffee Beans with varietal of mundo nuvo at 20 percent and yellow bourbon at 80, this coffee makes great espresso with strong crema, but it is also perfect for any coffee maker. Grown at an elevation of 3,000 feet, our Blackened Roast (dark roast) features hints of floral, almond, sweet chocolate, strawberry and cinnamon spice.

Package: 1/2 LB.

Our Price: $9.81
Brazil Light Coffee Beans Brazil Light Coffee Beans

A Very Well Balanced Sunrise Roast Coffee with a velvety finish, our Brazil golden coffee is made with yellow bourbon and mundo novo varieties of coffee beans grown and harvested at 3,000 feet elevation, carefully roasted and ready for grinding. A great tasting coffee you won't find at the grocery store.

Package: 1/2 LB.

Our Price: $9.81
Fair Trade Certified Bolivian Medium Roast Beans Fair Trade Certified Bolivian Medium Roast Beans

These Mezzo Roasted Coffee Beans (medium roast) are sourced from the renowned growing region of Bolivia known as Carnavi in the Andes Mountains. The coffee cherries are shade grown and harvested at just the right moment, bringing a taste many coffee lovers have come to love. They are carefully roasted using the same methods we use for our ultra-premium Costa Rica brands.
Package Size: 1/2 LB.

Our Price: $10.35
Fair Trade Certified Bolivian Light Roast Beans Fair Trade Certified Bolivian Light Roast Beans

The Andes Mountains of Bolivia offer some of the most difficult to harvest coffee beans, and this Sunrise roasted ground coffee comes from a single origin farm in the Caranavi region of Bolivia, up high in the Andes, offering rare Bolivian coffee beans. With its light, golden roast these beans are sure to please any coffee lover.
Package Size: 1/2 LB.

Our Price: $10.35
Coffee Powder for Baking Coffee Powder for Baking

The perfect ingredient for baking, whether it's used as a recipe ingredient, as a chocolate flavoring additive or even as very lightly sprinkled topping on ice cream, brownies, cookies and more. A fresh fine powder that is made specifically for cooking with finer grounds than Espresso, so it easily dissolves, working better than Espresso powder and instant coffee granules. Loaded with flavor many have come to love the improved taste with finished recipes.

Our Price: $12.91
Medium Coffee Beans Medium Coffee Beans

Medium Roasting allows the coffee beans a little more time to expand. Through this method the inner portion of the beans soften as they slow roast. This slow-roasting method creates a unique sweet flavor, along with an aroma to die for (we love roasting medium). Now you can experience this wonderful flavor too. It's not like the usual cup of coffee, it's more like the perfect cup of coffee. These beans are from the Tarrazu coffee region of Costa Rica, and beans are AAA or better. Cheap store bought coffee is often grade AA or less. There's a huge difference in flavor, try some yourself and see.

Our Price: $14.40
Dark Coffee Beans Dark Coffee Beans

Our Dark Roasted Coffee Beans bring the most wonderful morning fragrance, it's sensational and a must try, even if you don't care for dark roasted coffee beans. These beans are different, and bring you a flavor you've never experienced. You'll be waving your hand over your coffee cup, bringing that undeniable scent right back. These dark roasted coffee beans originate from a single origin, no blends! Just pure Tarrazu coffee direct from a single farm in Costa Rica, roasted to perfection for you.

Our Price: $14.40
Light Coffee Beans Light Coffee Beans

Light Roast Coffee is perfected when coffee beans are roasted just beyond a cinnamon color, to a mild brown. The beans are dull in color and offer a perfect flavor, plus you can grind them yourself for a more fulfilling taste. This light roasting style does not make the coffee weaker, it only lightens the flavor but still offers full body and wonderful aroma. This style of coffee originates from a single origin, there are no blends of cheap coffee beans. Single origin from the Tarrazu coffee region of Costa Rica.

Our Price: $14.40
Colombian Medium Roast Coffee Colombian Medium Roast Coffee

A Nicely Roasted Coffee Bean that's ready for your coffee grinder. Enjoy this select Colombian coffee with its popular butter aftertaste along with aroma that includes a mix of chocolate and vanilla plus floral accents. This Mezzo Roast Colombian coffee is superb, offering generous flavors hot or cold. This 100 percent Arabica coffee features a lemon citrus acidity that's lively and transparent. Ready for grinding and brewing. Package: 10.3 Oz (292g)

Our Price: $14.68
Colombia Dark Coffee Beans Colombia Dark Coffee Beans

This Whole Bean Colombian Coffee, Blackened Roast, offers bold flavor and a fruity taste which includes hints of vanilla and chocolate. Flavor retaining, it tastes the same as it cools. These Colombian coffee beans have a citrus lemon acidity with a flowery aroma and mild hints of chocolate and vanilla. Features a sweet butter aftertaste that doesn't fade. Package: 10.3 Oz

Our Price: $14.68
Flour Espresso Powder for Cooking Flour Espresso Powder for Cooking

Espresso Powder for baking is specifically made for recipes.
Use Espresso Powder as an ingredient for any recipe requiring it instead of the finer Coffee Powder
100% pure pre-brewed and dried Espresso coffee, no artificial flavors or colors. No preservatives.

Our Price: $14.75
Costa Rican Dota Medium Coffee Beans Costa Rican Dota Medium Coffee Beans

Dota Mezzo Roast comes from the rare coffee growing region that borders the renowned Tarrazu growing areas of Costa Rica. This coffee is ready for grinding and offers intense flavors after brewing. These are true Dota coffee beans which bring mixed aromas of floral and dark chocolate with perfect hints of berries and cherries. Dota coffees have a combination of flavors that are in their own class, featuring wonderful cinnamon raisin and cardamom, gently dried apricots and sweet black tea plus mild blackcurrant. Acidity of green apple and burgundy wine with soft hints of orange and lime is gentle. The finish elegant, long and fruity. Package: 1/2 LB

Our Price: $15.70
Costa Rican Dota Dark Coffee Beans Costa Rican Dota Dark Coffee Beans

Blackened (dark roast) Coffee Beans featuring 100% Dota coffee from a renowned growing region bordering the Tarrazu mountain valley of Costa Rica. These dark roasted coffee beans bring unique flavor and sweet aroma, with a soft and gentle aftertaste. These rare Dota coffee beans offer intense flavor and floral accents mixed with dark chocolate plus hints of berry and cherry fields.

Our Price: $15.70
Costa Rican Dota Light Coffee Beans Costa Rican Dota Light Coffee Beans

Sunrise Roasted Coffee Beans from the Dota coffee farming region of Costa Rica. Full of intense flavor, these coffee beans bring together a mixed aroma of flowery mountain fields and dark chocolates with hints of berry and cherry, causing a very unique flavor. The Dota flavor combinations are even stronger with each taste, bringing together blackcurrant, cinnamon raisin and cardamom, gently dried apricots and sweet black tea. Coffee drinkers enjoy the gentle acidity of green apple and burgundy wine with soft hints of orange and lime that compliment each cup.

Our Price: $15.70
Recherche Coffee Recherche Coffee

Recherché Coffee, utilizing a trade secret process of planting, storage, processing and roasting. The rarest coffee in the world, and the most expensive coffee due to its limited availability. Imagine coffee plants growing within fine wine vineyards, sharing soil and flavors in between. Availability is more scarce than other expensive coffees such as Kopi Luwak and Black Ivory. Flavor profiles exceed all other coffees with the strong hints of Merlot grapes, bringing out heavy flavors of blackberries, cherries and plums. Flavors are real, not artificial. Coffee is all natural.

A rare coffee
with superb taste that is hard to get. We don't have this very often. Superb taste while hot, at room temperature or slightly chilled. A fine compliment to any elegant dinner in place of wine, or with an early morning breakfast. Suitable for drinking in a common mug when hot or a wine glass when chilled. A most exquisite coffee that yields as little as 100 LBS per year making this fine cup extremely rare. Sourced from a small family farm with very little acreage, but more unique than any other. Not available in stores.

Package Size: 10.3 Oz.

Our Price: $319.00